How To Get Diamonds On Hay Day For Free

I'm thinking about spending a couple of diamonds on those paths, does the  price increase every time you buy one? : r/HayDay

How to Get Diamonds on Hay Day for Free

Hay Day is a popular farming simulation game that allows players to build and manage their virtual farms. Diamonds are a valuable in-game currency that can be used to speed up production, purchase special items, and enhance the overall gaming experience. While diamonds can be acquired through gameplay or purchased with real money, many players are interested in finding ways to get diamonds for free. In this article, we’ll explore some legitimate methods to help you obtain diamonds on Hay Day without spending a dime.

Completing Achievements and Tasks

One of the easiest ways to earn free diamonds in Hay Day is by completing achievements and tasks. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various challenges and objectives that, once achieved, reward you with diamonds. Make sure to check the achievement tab regularly to see which tasks you need to complete to earn diamonds.

Participating in Events and Competitions

Hay Day frequently hosts events and competitions that offer diamonds as rewards for participation or winning. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and make sure to actively participate to increase your chances of winning diamonds. Events such as the Wheel of Fortune and the Farm Pass often provide opportunities to earn free diamonds.

Watching Advertisements

Another way to earn diamonds in Hay Day is by watching advertisements. The game occasionally offers players the option to watch short video ads in exchange for free diamonds. While this method may require a bit of your time, it can be a simple and effective way to accumulate diamonds without spending any money.

Trading with Friends and Neighbors

Collaborating with friends and neighbors in Hay Day can also help you acquire free diamonds. By trading goods with other players, you can earn diamonds as a reward for your generosity. Make sure to establish a strong network of neighbors and actively engage in trading to maximize your chances of receiving diamonds in return.

Utilizing Social Media Promotions

Follow the official Hay Day social media accounts to stay updated on any promotions or giveaways that may offer free diamonds. Sometimes, the game developers run special events on social media platforms where players can participate to win diamonds. By actively participating in these promotions, you may secure additional diamonds for your in-game progress.

Participating in In-Game Contests

Hay Day also hosts in-game contests that provide players with the opportunity to win diamonds. Whether it’s a fishing derby or a town event, these contests often offer diamonds as prizes for achieving specific goals or milestones. Participate actively in these contests to increase your chances of earning free diamonds.


  • Q: Are there any cheats or hacks to get unlimited diamonds in Hay Day?
  • A: It’s essential to play fair and not resort to cheats or hacks, as these violate the game’s terms of service and may result in penalties or bans.
  • Q: Can I earn diamonds by selling goods in the roadside shop?
  • A: While selling goods in your roadside shop can generate coins, diamonds are usually obtained through specific in-game activities and rewards.


By utilizing the methods mentioned above, you can increase your chances of obtaining diamonds on Hay Day without spending real money. Remember to stay engaged in the game, participate in events and contests, and collaborate with other players to maximize your diamond earnings. With a bit of dedication and strategic gameplay, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the benefits of free diamonds in Hay Day.

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