Best Team For Pokemon Emerald With Swampert

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The Best Team for Pokemon Emerald with Swampert

When it comes to the popular game Pokemon Emerald, one of the most sought-after Pokemon to have on your team is Swampert. With its Water and Ground typing, high base stats, and access to a wide range of moves, Swampert is a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will explore the best team to build around Swampert, taking into account its strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for success.

Building a Balanced Team

Before diving into the specifics of which Pokemon to include on your team, it’s important to understand the concept of team balance. A well-rounded team consists of Pokemon that cover each other’s weaknesses and have a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities. When building a team with Swampert as your star player, it’s crucial to consider its weaknesses to Grass and Electric type Pokemon. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include Pokemon that can counter these threats effectively.

The Star of the Show: Swampert

With its Water and Ground typing, Swampert boasts great offensive and defensive capabilities. It has high attack and special attack stats, allowing it to deal significant damage to opponents. Additionally, its excellent HP and defense stats make it a reliable tank that can withstand hits. Some of the best moves to teach a Swampert include Earthquake, Surf, Ice Beam, and Hammer Arm. These moves cover a wide range of types and provide excellent coverage for battles.

Countering Grass Types

One of Swampert’s biggest weaknesses is its 4x weakness to Grass type moves. To counter this vulnerability, it’s wise to include Pokemon on your team that resist or are immune to Grass type attacks. Flying and Poison types can be great additions to your team, as they often have moves or abilities that make them resistant to Grass moves. Some examples include Salamence, Crobat, and Skarmory. By having these Pokemon on your team, you can ensure that you have a solid defense against Grass types.

Overcoming Electric Types

Electric types are another threat to Swampert, as its Water and Ground typing leaves it vulnerable to Electric moves. To counter this weakness, it’s important to include Pokemon on your team that can absorb or resist Electric type attacks. Ground, Grass, and Dragon types are effective choices for this purpose. Pokemon like Flygon, Breloom, and Ludicolo can provide the necessary coverage against Electric types. By having these Pokemon on your team, you can neutralize the threat of Electric type attacks.

Strategies for Success

In addition to building a team that covers Swampert’s weaknesses, it’s essential to have a solid strategy in place for battles. One effective strategy is to utilize Swampert’s ability, Torrent, which boosts its Water type moves when its HP is low. By strategically weakening your opponents and taking advantage of this ability, you can unleash devastating attacks that are difficult to counter.

Another strategy to consider is using Swampert as a physical tank. With its high defense stat, Swampert can take hits and dish out damage with moves like Earthquake and Hammer Arm. Pairing Swampert with Pokemon that have high defense or can set up entry hazards can make for a formidable defensive core.


In summary, when constructing a team around Swampert in Pokemon Emerald, it’s crucial to consider its weaknesses, notably its vulnerability to Grass and Electric types. By including Pokemon that resist or are immune to these types, you can build a well-rounded team that can effectively counter any opposing threats. Strategies such as utilizing Swampert’s abilities and maximizing its offensive potential can further enhance your chances of success. With this optimal team composition, you’ll be well on your way to dominating battles with Swampert as your shining star.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Swampert learn any moves to counter its weaknesses?

While Swampert cannot learn any moves that grant it immunity to Grass or Electric type attacks, you can still teach it moves that have coverage against these types. Moves like Ice Beam, Hammer Arm, and Rock Slide can be effective options to deal with Grass and Electric Pokemon.

2. Are there any other Pokemon that work well with Swampert?

Absolutely! Pokemon that can set up entry hazards, such as Stealth Rock or Spikes, can complement Swampert’s defensive capabilities. Examples of such Pokemon include Ferrothorn and Forretress.

3. Which type of moves should I focus on when training Swampert?

As Swampert has high attack and special attack stats, it’s recommended to have a mix of physical and special moves in its moveset. This versatility allows you to adapt to different battle situations and hit opponents with great force.

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